Sexuality in not like math, which is a good thing!  There is no definitive right and wrong answer.  We hope to give you a structure you can use to view the topic and begin to discover what feels right for you and your family.  

It is never too early and it is never too late to talk to children about age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate sexuality topics.  Talking about sex and sexuality with young children is a way to set the stage and build a foundation for later on.    

Although children in the 0-2 age group have limited verbal skills, they are still developing sexually. Even people as young as newborn to 18 months of age are beginning to develop gender identity and roles. They discover genitals and self-pleasure, and they experience erections and lubrication. Although conversations may be simple, babies are learning to value self through nurturing body contact. At this time, they can also begin to develop negative or positive attitudes towards their own body. While they may not be asking questions, there are plenty of opportunities for parents and other caring adults to share information and values.