Here is a list of some general resources we love.

Some other resources are linked by age and are accessible using our search function. You can also find them here:

  • How do I talk about the Violence I Experienced? A Guide for K-12 Students and their Caretakers from the Victim Rights Law Center. This project is a guide for young people and their parents or guardians to be able to identify situations such as sexual violence, dating violence, stalking, or sexual harassment, and to learn about the general legal remedies they could access. The foundation of this project is based in helping a reader identify what happened to them; if someone has not known what to call their experience or their child’s experience, they may not even be aware that they have legal remedies available. 
  • Sex-Ed School: Sex-Ed School is an entertaining and educational YouTube series about sexuality and healthy relationships for youth, ages 9-12. Each episode features two expert hosts leading a respectful and authentic dialogue on sexual health, and guiding participants through fun and thought-provoking activities about specific topics. Knowing about sex is good, but understanding love, healthy relationships and consent is key for kids as they contemplate their future. 
  • The Porn Conversation - Conversation Guides: This resource has good conversational tools for different age ranges.
  • Video: How To Talk To Preschoolers About Anatomy & Body Safety (Planned Parenthood Video): Talk to your kids about anatomy. Explaining private parts and inappropriate touching to your preschooler promotes body safety and self-confidence. 
  • Video: How To Teach Your Kids About Gender (Planned Parenthood Video): Navigate tricky conversations about gender roles and gender stereotypes, and help your child develop the confidence to be themself.