After over a year of talking, sketching, interviewing, writing, and developing, Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts’ parent education program is so excited to share a brand new tool for parents: Kids-Ask: Crafting Answers to Curious Questions.

Kids-Ask is a website that lets you practice answering questions your kids might have about sex and sexuality. Here’s how it works:

You know your child best, and our aim is to provide a tiny little road map for any question or topic that comes up – whether it’s related to puberty, body parts, healthy relationships or something else entirely. Kids-Ask is a support for your expertise.

This new online tool grew out of knowing that, even as experts on our own children and families, sometimes we all need a little help when we don’t know what words to use. Plus, research shows that when parents have more open, honest conversations with their children about sexuality and relationships, those young people are better able to make healthy decisions throughout their lives. And as much as we at Planned Parenthood love presenting workshops in-person to help you feel more prepared for these conversations – we can’t be there all the time. This website will help you find comfortable, appropriate language to guide these conversations.

We hear all the time in our workshops, “I wish I could put you in my pocket!” or “Can you come over when my kids asks these questions?” and this is our answer to that. We’re here for you – no matter what.

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